Sunday, March 1, 2009

Book Review- How to Create a Magical Relationship

Last night I finished the book How to Create a Magical Relationship by Ariel & Shya Kane.

From the back cover:
What if you don't need to "work on" your relationship in order to fix it?
Read How to Create a Magical Relationship and you will:
  • Learn the 3 simple Principles of Transformation so you can create a relationship that surpasses your dreams.
  • Discover how to recognize and bypass the pitfalls to having a happy and satisfying relationship.

This book talks a lot about "transformation" instead of "change". On page 20, the book says that "Tranformation is simply a word we use to describe what happens when you discover how to live in the moment." The authors talk about how to be aware, or to see non-judgementally, to understand how you are as a person. There area 3 Princples of Transformation that the authors come back to a lot. I won't list what they are, because I don't want to give the book away, but they make sense.

I found this book to be okay. I feel that it was more a book to become aware of yourself rather than really a book on relationships. Honestly, through a lot of the book I was going "huh?". There was one part of the book that talked about looking at your views of the opposite sex and noticing all of the times that you talk negatively about them. But I think that some of the examples were too strict. Sometimes things are just said teasingly and just in fun. Not everything in life should be so serious! I did really like the part about trying to live in the moment. If there was one thing that I will definitely take away from this book, its just trying to stay in the present. I always worry too much and look into the past or the future, but I need to learn just to live in the now!

I gave this book a rating of 2/5.

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