Thursday, September 17, 2009

CSN Bookshelf Review

So my boyfriend finally put together my bookshelf from CSN Office Furniture! I am so excited!

Here is the before shot, when it was put together and before I added any books.

And here is my after shot, after I put the books on.

There was plenty of room on my bookshelf, and there would probably have been room for a sixth shelf, if I was given one. It's a great product! My boyfriend said it was really easy to put together and he likes the color of this one better than the other ones in my office!
Thanks to Jason from CSN Office Furniture for the bookshelf to review!


  1. Nice bookcase! Looks great w/ your book on it ;]

  2. It looks really good! I'm so jealous! All my books are in boxes and bags because my parents took my bookshelves down (they were redecorating but get this - never finished!) and it's driving me crazy. :(