Saturday, April 23, 2011

Class of 2k11 guest post-- Carrie Harris

Over the next little while (honestly not sure how long it will be), I will be posting guest blogs by authors from the Class of 2k11!  I am so honored to be doing this!

Each author will be talking about who they would cast in the movie version of the book. 

Up first is Carrie Harris, author of Bad Taste in Boys.

And here's the summary of her book from her website:

Someone’s been a very bad zombie.

Super-smartie Kate Grable gets to play doctor, helping out her high school football team. Not only will the experience look good on her college apps, she gets to be this close to her quarterback crush, Aaron. Then something disturbing happens. Kate finds out that the coach has given the team steroids. Except . . . the vials she finds don’t exactly contain steroids. Whatever’s in them is turning hot gridiron hunks into mindless, flesh-eating . . . zombies.
Unless she finds an antidote, no one is safe. Not Aaron, not Kate’s brother, not her best friend . . . not even Kate . . .

It’s scary. It’s twisted. It’s sick. It’s high school.

And who would Carrie cast in her movie?

It’s confession time—I haven’t exactly dreamt about turning BAD TASTE IN BOYS into a movie, but I might have dreamt about turning it into a Buffyesque TV show. With cameos by Spike. And Angel. And Buffy. Heck, can we just take clips from Buffy and mix them all up and do that show all over again, only with zombies? That would make me happy.

While we’re at it, I’d really love to own a unicorn.

But if the Buffy thing isn’t possible (PLEASE, JOSS WHEDON!!! WITH UNICORNS ON TOP!), I’ve got backups. Here’s who I’d cast in my dream production of BTIB:

Kate Grable is the kind of girl I’d like to hang out with. But then again, I’m a big fan of random bits of inappropriate medical trivia, self-deprecating humor, and atrocious zombie theories. I wanted an actress who could pull off her humor but still be accessible, and zombie slaying experience was a big plus. That’s why I think Abigail Breslin of Zombieland would be a perfect choice.

And then there’s love interest Aaron Kingsman. Aaron’s a jock, but he’s not very good at it. He’s led the Bayview Bantams to a no-scoring season when the book starts. But we love him anyway because he’s adorbs, and smart, and funny, and kind, and did we mention adorbs? So for this one, I drew on my copious Disney Channel watching experience and went for Gregg Sulkin of Wizards of Waverly Place fame. Because let’s face it, Alex Pettyfer cannot play EVERY hot guy in a YA adaption.

Then there’s younger brother Jonah. Jonah is an uber-geek. He dresses up as the Bayview Bantam—a cheerleading chicken. He’s the kind of kid who wears rubber elf ears to school and carries around swords made out of PVC, but that doesn’t stop him from manning up when his sister is in trouble. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am totally TEAM JONAH, so I wanted someone BIG to play him.

Yes, that’s Justin Bieber in a chicken suit. I’d go to a movie to see that. Wouldn’t you?

Umm, yes, yes I would!  Visit Carrie Harris's website to learn more about her and Bad Taste In Boys.


  1. When will it hit the big screen? I'll go just to see the chicken suit!! Like normal Carrie - you are too much fun!!

  2. I laughed so hard at the last picture. :-) I really like Abigail for Kate and wish this was made into a show. It would be AWESOME.

  3. You are all awesome. Especially you, Andrea. Thanks so much for hosting me here!

  4. After having read the book, I can say that Bieber in a chicken suit is the perfect choice! So funny! I want to see the book told Buffy-style, too. So, a movie, then a TV show, then a comic. YAY! :-)