Monday, May 9, 2011

Book Review- The Sweetest Thing

I finished reading The Sweetest Thing by Christina Mandelski late last night.

From Goodreads:

In the world of Sheridan Wells, life is perfect when she's decorating a cake. Unfortunately everything else is a complete mess: her mom ran off years ago, her dad is more interested in his restaurant, and the idea of a boyfriend is laughable.

But Sheridan is convinced finding her mom will solve all her problems - only her dad's about to get a cooking show in New York, which means her dream of a perfect family will be dashed.

Using just the right amount of romance, family drama, and cute boys, The Sweetest Thing will entice fans with its perfect mixture of girl-friendly ingredients.
It's not often that I read a YA that is contemporary instead of paranormal so this was a nice change of pace.  And I loved the whole cake decorating aspect of the story.  Oh how I wish I had Sheridan's talent of making beautiful and yummy birthday cakes!
I really liked Sheridan.  I like how she had her dorky side, yet was condfidant in herself.  I loved how she was so passionate about her talent.  She seemed like such a sweet kid.  I also liked the two guys.  Of course I liked Jack, her best friend.  Such a sweet guy that Sheridan had never really noticed that way before,  but you could tell that he would do anything for her.  And then Ethan--I can't really tell about him.  Sure, there were times when I would think he was just using Sheridan as either his new toy or because he knew that her dad was about to be famous.  But there were flashes there where I thought that maybe he really was genuine and that he really did like her because she was different from all of his other conquests.  And I liked that he seemed to really want to be a chef and wasn't such an airhead jock.
And I really enjoyed all the little plots--the romance, the reality show, the searching for her mom.  It was just a really refreshing read and a great debut book!
I gave this book a rating of 4/5.
The Sweetest Thing will be released tomorrow, May 10, 2011.
This book fulfills items in the following challenges:
2011 100+ Reading Challenge: 36
2011 ARC Reading Challenge: 31
2011 Debut Author Challenge: 13
2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge: 28
2011 YA Contemporary Challenge: 5
*FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher for a review.

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