Friday, June 24, 2011

E-book help!

So I am taking my Nook with me on my honeymoon this Saturday.  I need to know some good books to download.  I am looking for ones that you can only read by downloading them.  Some of the ones I've already downloaded are Reaper and My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent, Outta the Bag by MaryJanice Davidson.

What other ones should I get?

*ETA:  I'm looking for morstly YA books, or chicklit or light paranormal (like MaryJanice Davidson)


  1. Do you download from Amazon or NetGalley? I can recommend a few there.

    BTW - your review policy states you don't read e-books, i'm wondering if you want to change that or not???

  2. Ohhh, what genre you want recommendations for?

  3. Try these places for great reviews and frugal finds:

  4. is another great site, and they have a free category too!

    Kristan (one of the 4 WHYA members) wrote a chick lit web series about 3 best friends trying to figure out life after college, and it's available as an ebook on Amazon, B&N, etc. You could check that out too.

    If you just want some great reads that you can get for your Nook, maybe look at Emily Giffin books.