Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Review- Eternity

I just finished reading Eternity by Heather Terrell for a Teen Book Scene blog tour.

From Goodreads:

The end . . . or a new beginning?

As Ellie comes to grips with her destiny as the Elect One, her relationship with Michael grows tense. When she meets a mys­terious boy named Rafe, things get even more complicated.

Yet the time has come for the Elect One to stand against the group of evil fallen angels who are bent on destroying the world. In order to face the immeasurable malevolence heading her way, Ellie tries to put her personal life aside. But she soon learns that whoever holds her heart also holds the key to mankind’s salvation—or destruction. As the end days approach, Ellie is faced with an epic decision. Who does her heart really belong to? And is her love strong enough to save the world?

Drama, drama, and more drama.  That was all that was in this book.  Everything was so dramatic and cheesy.  Ellie's relationship with Michael is constantly dramatic.  Michael and Ellie's attempts to save the world are so dramatic.  Even trying to be a normal teen is dramatic.  And then you throw in all the religious stuff.  I know this was in the first book, but for some reason it bothered me in this one.  And the ending was so anti-climactic.  And predictable.  I completely pegged what was going to happen.

Michael and Ellie got on my nerves in this book.   Michael, once again, got distracted by something and flaked on Ellie.  And Ellie once again got swept up in a new guy, quickly, although not seriously.  So my fav characters this time around were Rafe and Ruth.  I loved how Ruth was so understanding of the strange life she was suddenly thrown into and was so eager and willing to help out, even though it might put her in danger.  And I liked the sound of Rafe.  Of his looks and sense of humor and intensity.

This review makes me sounds grumpy and like I didn't enjoy the book, which isn't the case.  Broken down, things bugged me about it but overall, I flew through the book and enjoyed it while I was reading it.

I gave this book a rating of 3/5.

This book fulfills items in the following challenges:
2011 100+ Reading Challenge: 60
2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge: 47

*FTC Disclosure: I was given this book for free for an honest review as part of the Teen Book Scene.

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