Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Teen Book Scene: Guest Blog: Rachel McClellan

I am honored to host Rachel McClellan, author of Fractured Light, on my blog today as part of a Teen Book Scene Blog Tour.

I asked Rachel what her Top Ten Movies were.  Her reply

Top Ten Movies

10. Ladyhawk
9. Napolean Dynomite
8. Nacho Libre
7. Phantom of the Opera
6. Far and Away
5. Alias series with Jennifer Garner (okay, not technically a movie, but one of my favorite DVD’s)
4. Moulin Rouge
3. Batman series except for the weird ones, Batman 3 and 4.
2. Count of Monte Cristo
1. Underworld’s

I've heard of all of the movies, but only seen Moulin Rouge (so love this one!)  and I watched the Alias series when it was on!  I need to check out the other movies.

Thanks, Rachel!


  1. Oh, I loved Ladyhawk.I liked the Underworld movies and Count of Monte Cristo.

    Fun to see what movies people like.

  2. Love the movies!!! Love your book Rachel!!!! I hope it will become a movie!