Friday, April 6, 2012

The Teen Book Scene: Guest Blog: Karen DelleCava

I am honored to host Karen DelleCava, author of A Closer Look, on my blog today as part of a Teen Book Scene Blog Tour.

I got to interview Tommy, from the book!

1.What is your favorite quality in Cassie?
She’s open to jazz and is willing to listen to anything I write even if it stinks. If I hit an off note, she’ll call me out in a nice way, “Did you mean that little part there?” I like that she’s honest.

2.What were your first thoughts when hearing about Cassie's condition for the first time?
Immediately I thought she had cancer. Crazy, I know. Chemotherapy is the only thing that I heard of that would cause someone’s hair to fall out. I felt scared for her and for me--which was really lame of me since she was the one dealing with something so major.

3.You wrote a song with Cassie in mind. If the song had lyrics, what would chorus be like?
We act like strangers now we’re in danger of tearing this apart.
The danger is you just can’t see it’s you who holds my heart.
It’s our last chance and we’re both here
So shed your doubt. Release your fear.
The danger is you just can’t see it’s me who holds your heart.

4.When did you finally get to meet your new sister and how did it go?
It was about two weeks after Cass’s meet against Cranford. I had bought Jenny that book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl when Cass and I were at the mall. Anyway, it was weird. I went with my brothers, Eric and Rich, to a playground in town to meet her and my father who I haven’t seen in who knows how long. The sight of him really pissed me off because of what he did to my mother-all of us--but since this was supposed to be about meeting Jenny I held my shit together.
When I saw her, it finally sunk in that I was a big brother now. I gave her the book and Jenny not being shy at all, gave me hug and asked me to read it on the spot. That pretty much won me over. Then she gave us a drawing she’d made--a pink frog--that was covered in glitter. We took turns pushing her on the swings, just spending time all together. My little sister, Jenny. Kind of a mind blow but very cool.

5.Pretend I'm in high school...create a hall pass for me with a poem to get out of class to meet you!
If you tell Cass about this I’m dead meat. I did a little research on you so, okay, just for fun....

Roses are red
Hummingbirds hover
The library @ 1
But come undercover

Thanks, Andrea!

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Thanks for joining us Tommy and Karen!


  1. Hello Karen glad you shared A Closer Look with us and I can't wait to read it!

  2. Thanks, LM! I hope you enjoy it!
    --Karen DelleCava