Thursday, October 29, 2015

Book Review- Shallow Graves

I finished reading Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace last week for an Around the World ARC Tour.

From Goodreads:

For fans of Holly Black and Nova Ren Suma, a gripping, hauntingly atmospheric novel about murder, revenge, and a world where monsters—human and otherwise—lurk at the fringes.

When seventeen-year-old Breezy Lin wakes up in a shallow grave one year after her death, she doesn’t remember who killed her or why. All she knows is that she’s somehow conscious—and not only that, she’s able to sense who around her is hiding a murderous past. In life, Breezy was always drawn to the elegance of the universe and the mystery of the stars. Now she must set out to find answers and discover what is to become of her in the gritty, dangerous world to which she now belongs—where killers hide in plain sight and a sinister cult is hunting for strange creatures like her. What she finds is at once empowering, redemptive, and dangerous.

Tense, complex, and wholly engaging, Shallow Graves is a stunning first novel from Kali Wallace.

This one was a little weird for me.  I never really got into it.  None of the characters really did it for me.  I mean, there was nothing that I disliked about any of them.  There was just none that I really connected with.

The book was really creepy.  It reminded me of when I was little and used to love reading Goosebumps or R.L. Stein.  But weirder.  The whole part with the Mother was odd and the cult-like sensibility of it was just kinda out there.

It was a perfect read for the Halloween season.

I gave this book a rating of 3/5.

Shallow Graves will be released on January 26, 2016.

*FTC Disclosure: I was given this book for free for an honest review as part of the Around the World Tours.

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