Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Review- The Friday Night Knitting Club

From the back cover:

Once a week, an eclectric group of women comes together at a New York City yarn shop to work on their latest projects--and share the stories of their lives.

At the center of Walker and Daughter is the shop's owner, Georgia, who is overwhelmed with juggling the store and single-handedly raising her teenage daughter. Happy to escape the demands of her life, she looks forward to her Friday Night Knitting Club, where she and her friends-- Anite, Peri, Darwin, Lucie, and K.C.--exchange knitting tips, jokes, and their deepest secrets. But when the man who once broke Georgia's herat suddenly shows up, demanding a role in their daughter's life, her world is shattered.

Luckily, Georgia's friends are there for encouragement, sharing their own tales of intimacy, heartbreak, and miracle making. And when the unthinkable happens, these women will discover that what they've created isn't just a knitting club: it's a sisterhood.

I have to be honest: when this book first came out, I had no interest in reading it. The title and cover just wasn't appealing to me. And neither was knitting. But boy did I miss out! This story was really heart-warming. I loved how the author gave us insight into all of the characters lives. But I have to say that I did not see the end coming. I thought it was going to completely go one way, but it went another and left me crying but enjoying the story all the same. I can't wait to read the sequel, Knit Two.

I gave this book a rating of 4/5.

This book fullfilled requirements for the following challenges:
Chick-Lit Challenge 2: Start a Series

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