Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekly Geeks- April 11, 2009

What shall we cook today? It seems that for most of us, a bit of our book obsession would carry over to the cookbook genre, so this week for Weekly Geeks, let's talk cookbooks! Here are some ideas to get you started:
--Describe your cookbook collection. How many cookbooks do you own? A lot? Just a few? None at all?
--Do you even buy cookbooks? Or do you gather family cookbook compilations and/or recipe files instead?
--Do you like to collect certain types of cookbooks? Say, from certain chefs? From places you visit? From a particular food group or style?
--When buying cookbooks, what do you look for? Does it need to have pictures? Spiral binding? A specific type of font?
--What is your favorite cookbook? Tell us the story behind it.
--Tell us about your most well-used cookbook. Is it different from your favorite cookbook? Or are they one and the same?
--Take a picture of your collection. How and where do you organize it?
--Share a recipe from one of your favorite cookbooks. Include a picture if you can.

I am just starting to get into the whole cooking thing, so I only have a couple of cookbooks and I don't have a lot to write about here. I like cookbooks that have pictures but its not neccessary. I would love to find a cookbook that has recipes that include side items to cook along with the entrees (I am having a hard time coming up with side items every night). If you know of one like this, please let me know!!


  1. Joy of Cooking is good for suggesting side dishes. My post is here.

  2. I like to expetriment. So no cookbooks for me. My mom's recipes are enough!

    WG: Cookery Special

  3. I agree - it is often difficult to find side dishes that compliment the dish. There are some books which describe whole meals - Nigella Lawson ones are good for this, but it is often nice to keep the side dishes simple, and concentrate on the main bit - good luck with your cooking!

  4. purpgl8r? I have been online a very long time and during that time some usernames stay with me. I am so sure I know you. Are you a poet, a member at Shelfari, were you ever a member of a community at I am happy and confused because I cannot remember why I'm so sure we know each other. Veteran message board users know me as zawadi. I hope you can tell me if and how we know each other.

    Glad I came by here.

  5. It was ezboard. It was a woman's community. More than one. I was the oddball, usually the odd woman out, but you and I clicked. At least that was my impression. You were friendly, diplomatic, open-minded and kind. The name of the forum(s) escape me, but I think I have described you well. :-)

  6. I like cookbooks with sides/salad and what type of dessert to fix. I love to cook, but I also like good suggetions of what to fix and what goes with what.

  7. I started cooking really late.. when I got married. And I'm still learning, too.. You could probably buy a potato or rice cookbook, they might offer a lot of side dishes. :D

  8. I didn't start cooking until I was in college and the Joy of Cooking was good and also any crockpot cookbook. My sides mainly consist of potatoes, salad, or a veggie. I agree it is hard to find sides!