Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blog Problem?

Is anyone else having this problem...for the past 2 days, when I go to read some blogs, I get this message that pops up that says " Internet cannot open the site...Operation aborted." Then it goes to a blank "Internet cannot display the webpage." Its just on some blog sites....I'm wondering if its my computer or the actual blog sites....


  1. Yes, I've been having the problem but only when I use Internet Explorer. When I use Firefox there has been no problem. It's definitely an I.E. problem!

  2. I've heard it's happening with Explorer. I have a Mac and use Safari - no problems (so far).

  3. It's definitely an IE problem. Someone said it has to do with the followers widget and IE. If you backpage after you hit ok in the box that says you can't load, it usually works. I hope they get this cleared up soon. I've gone to using Firefox for the next few days. I'm loyal to IE but it's a pain in the...trying to read blogs. (Hugs)Indigo