Friday, May 22, 2009

Food 4 Thought Friday- May 22, 2009

Food 4 Thought Friday

What activities make you lose track of time? Reading and being on the internet!
Lunch What did you imagine yourself being the most when you were little? A news anchor! I even majored in in in college, but then when back and got my Masters in Early Childhood Education
Dinner If you could jump into any book what would it be and why? Twilight! I want an Edward!
Midnight Snack
What is your favorite thing to fix for dinner? I'm still not that great at cooking but the best thing I cook so far is Shrimp and Mushroom Alfredo
Recipe of the Week (instead of your recipe for life what is it just for the week?) If something's wrong with the internet, don't think its just your computer install things to try to fix it (like I did since I was having trouble reading some blogs)...wait it out and it might be the internet's problem

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