Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Review- Tout Sweet

Late last night I finished reading Tout Sweet by Karen Wheeler for Sourcebooks

From Goodreads:

In her mid-thirties Karen has it all: a career as a fashion editor, a handsome boyfriend, a fab flat in west London and an array of gorgeous shoes. But when her 'plus one' leaves, she wonders if there is more to life than high fashion. So, she hangs up her Manolos and waves goodbye to her city lifestyle, deciding to go it alone in a run-down house in rural Poitou-Charentes, western France. Once there, she encounters a host of new friends and unsuitable suitors, soon learning that true happiness can be found in the simplest of things - a bike ride through the countryside on a summer evening, or six glasses of Pinot in a neighbor's garden. If you've ever dreamed of chucking away your BlackBerry and down shifting, "Tout Sweet" is perfect summer reading.

This book was a memoir, and it read like one.  I felt like I was submersed in the author's new life in France.  Unfortunately, it didn't interest me as much as I thought it would.  I didn't really care about the remodeling of the house and the friends Karen made just didn't do anything for me.  I wish there had been more about France itself.

  I do have to say that I though Karen was so brave to just up and move and leave the life she'd always known.  And she had awful luck with guys.  They were all such jerks!  I didn't like ANY of them! 

The ending was just plain weird for me.  I don't think it wrapped up well.  I mean, just why did Jon decide to stay with his girlfriend.  He hinted that there was a reason, and I thought we might find out why at the very end but we never did.  And I didn't like the last line at all.  I have an ARC, so maybe it will change, but to me, it's just not something you need to have in a book.

I gave this book a rating of 2.5/5.

This book fulfills items in the following challenges:
2011 100+ Reading Challenge: 72
2011 ARC Reading Challenge: 56

*FTC Disclosure: I was given this book for free from Sourcebooks for an honest review.

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