Monday, May 14, 2012

The Teen Book Scene: Guest Blog: Shelley Coriell

I am honored to host Shelly Coriell, author of Wecome, Caller, This is Chloe, on my blog today as part of a Teen Book Scene Blog Tour.
I got to ask Shelley some "this or that" questions!

1 Coffee or Tea? Tea. Green tea in the morning. Chai in the afternoon. For those of you who like chai with a kick, check out this chai concentrate recipe.

2 Hard copy of a book or e-book? I swear I never thought I’d say this, but…e-book. Great for travel and easy to read in bed.

3 Dog or Cat? Dog. I’m owned by a needy rescue weimaraner.

4 Girly Girl or Tomboy? Both. I pine for cute shoes, especially sexy sandals, but I also have a serious crush on my dusty hiking boots.

5 Cake or Ice Cream? Ice cream with toffee and double fudge brownie bites.

6 Color pictures or black and white pictures? Black and white. There’s so much story in shades of gray.

7 Travel the word or homebody? Travel the world. Just spent some time in Venice, Italy, and will be heading off next month to Alaska’s inside passage. Plus one of my best friends is a luxury travel writer, and I keep begging her to tuck me in one of her suitcases.

8 Beach or mountains? Beach. One of my favorite lines in WELCOME, CALLER, THIS IS CHLOE, is when Grams picks up a seashell and holds it to young Chloe’s ear and says, “Listen. It’s the heartbeat of the ocean.”

9 Watch movies at home or in a theater? I bow to the almighty Netflix. Current addiction: Downton Abbey.

10 Cook at home or go out to eat? Cook. I’m a former food magazine editor and love hanging out in my kitchen. I’ve been on a pasta kick lately. Tonight’s menu: orecchiette with broccoli, asiago breadsticks, and spring mix salad with orange wedges.

11 Early riser or night owl? Early riser. It’s amazing how productive I can be between five and seven every morning when everyone but the weim is asleep.

12 Popcorn or peanuts? Popcorn. Even better when made on the stove and drizzled with real butter. Never popped it yourself? Here’s an easy tutorial.

Thanks for having me on your blog, Andrea. May your world be filled with good books and great people!

To learn more about Chloe’s high school radio world and win a $50 electronic/radio store gift certificate or one of ten CHLOE swag packs, go to Shelley Coriell’s website, Good luck to all!

Popcorn is my all time favorite food--I'm not joking when I say I have it almost every day!  But I've never tried it made on the stove--I'm so doing it!  Thanks for the tip, Shelley, and for stopping by!

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