Sunday, August 4, 2013

Moving--Book Sale!--Added Letter E & F

I am moving and need to get rid of a bunch of my books.  Sad day :( 

Here's how this'll work.  I'll post books that I need to get rid of.  If you're interested in any of them, write me an email at belle2211(at)yahoo(dot)com.  Tell me which ones and how much you're offering for the group.  I'll then weigh it and let you know how much shipping is and your total.  You will need to be able to use Paypal to transfer the funds.  Or I'll also take PaperbackSwap credits.

PB=papberback HB
HC=hardback/hard cover
ARC=Advanced Readers Copy (if you're not comfy buying an ARC but would want to trade credits for it on Paperback Swap, let me know)

32AA- Michelle Cunnah (PB)
A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul (PB)
A Bend in the Road- Nicholas Sparks (PB)
A Brand New Me- Shari Low  (PB)
A Bump in the Road- Maureen Lipinksi (PB)
A Catered Affair- Sue Margolis (PB)
A Certain Age- Tama Janowitz (PB)
A Friend of the Family- Lisa Jewell (PB)
A Girl's Best Friend- Elizabeth Young (PB)
A Hopeless Romantic- Harriet Evans (PB)
A Most Uncommon Degree of Popularity- Kathleen Gilles Seidel (PB)
A Reliable Wife- Robert Goolrick (HB)
A Tale of Two Sisters- Anna Maxted (HB)
A Thoroughly Modern Princess- Wendy Corsi Staub (PB)
Accidentally Engaged- Mary Carter (PB)
Accidentally On Purpose- Mary F. Pols  (HC)
Addition- Toni Jordan (HC)
Admission- Jean Korelitz  (HC)
Adored-Tilly Bagshawe (HC)
All Eyes on Her- Poonam Sharma (PB)
All Unquiet Things- Anna Jarzab (ARC PB)
Almost A Goddess #1- Judi Mccoy (PB)
Alphabet Weekends- Elizabeth Noble (PB)
Always a Bridesmaid- Jane Sullivan, Isabel Sharpe, Julie Kistler (PB)
Always and Forever- Cathy Kelly (PB)
Always the Bridesmaid- Sarah Webb (PB)
American Girls About Town-Various (PB)
An Offer You Can’t Refuse- Jill Mansell (PB)
...And For Starters- Victoria Routledge (PB)
And Then Everything Unraveled- Jennifer Sturman (PB)
Angels and Demons- Dan Brown (PB)
Angels of Destruction- Keith Donohue (ARC PB)
Angel With Attitude- Michelle Rowen (PB)
Any Given Doomsday- Lori Handeland (PB)
Any Minute- Joyce Meyer (PB)
Apocalipstick- Sue Margolis (PB)
Are You In the Mood?- Stephanie Lehmann (PB)
Are You There Vodka? Its Me, Chelsea- Chelsea Handler (HC)
At First Sight- Nicholas Sparks (PB)
Babes in Captivity- Pamela Redmond Satran- (PB)
Bad Behaviour- Sheila O’Flanagan (PB)
Bad Boys in Black Tie- Lori Foster (HC)
Bad Girls Don’t Die- Katie Alender (HC)
Baggage Claim- Tanya Michna- (PB)
Bare Necessity- Carole Matthews (PB)
Beat the Reaper- Josh Bezell (HC)
Beautiful World- Anastasia Hollings (ARC PB)
Belong to Me- Maria de los Santos (HC)
Behaving Badly- Isabel Wolff  (PB)
Benny & Shrimp- Katarina Mazetti (PB)
Bergdorf Blondes- Plum Sykes (HC)
Best Friends-Martha Moody (PB)
Best Intentions- Emily Listfield (PB)
Bet Me-Jennifer Crusie (PB)
Beverly Hills Adjacent- Jennifer Steinhauer & Jessica Hendra (HC)
Beyond Blonde- Kathleen Flynn-Hui (HC)
Bittersweet Sixteen- Carrie Karasyov (HC)
Body Heat-Carly Phillips (PB)
BoneMan’s Daughters- Ted Dekker (HC)
Broken For You- Stephanie Kallos (PB)
Busy Woman Seeks Wife- Annie Sanders (PB)

Catching Alice- Claire Naylor (PB)
Catching Genius- Kristy Kiernan (PB)
Celebutantes- Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper (HC)
Changing Faces-Kimberla Lawson Roby (HC)
Charlie All Night- Jennifer Cruise (PB)
Chasing Harry Winston- Lauren Weisberger (HC)
Cheating at Solitaire- Ally Carter (PB)
Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury- Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (HC)
Chicks With Sticks (It's a purl thing)- Elizabeth Lenhard  (HC)
Chocolate Beach- Julie Carobini (PB)
Citizen Girl- Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus (HC)
City Dog-Alison Pace (PB)
Commencement- J. Courtney Sullivan (HC)
Confessions of a Beauty Addict- Nadine Haobsh (PB)
Confessions of a  Sociopathic Social Climber- Adele Lang (PB)
Crazy For You- Jennifer Crusie (PB)
Cross My Heart- Carly Phillips (HC)
Crossed Wires- Rosy Thornton (PB)
Crush Dot Com- Leslie Van Newkirk (PB)

Daddy's Little Girl-  Mary Higgins Clark (PB)
Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn- Kris Radish (PB)
Dancing on Broken Glass- Ka Hancock (PB)
Dating 4 Demons- Serena Robar (PB)
Dating Without Novocaine- Lisa Cach (PB)
Daughter of the Bride- Francesca Segre (PB)
Diary of a Married Call Girl- Tracy Quan (PB)
Dog Handling- Clare Naylor (PB)
Dog On It- Spencer Quinn (PB)
Don't Look Down- Jennifer Crusie & Bob Mayer (PB)
Driving Sideways- Jess Riley (PB)

Easy- Emma Gold  (PB)
Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life- Amy Krouse Rosenthal (PB)
Engaging Men- Lynda Curnyn  (PB)
Essential Charlotte- Libby Schmais (PB)
Everyone is Beautiful- Katherine Center (HB)
Exit Here- Jason Myers (PB)
Ex-Mas- Kate Brian (PB)

Faking It- Jennifer Crusie (PB)
Falling into Manholes- Wendy Merrill (HB)
Fashionistas- Lynn Messina (PB)
Fat Chance- Deborah Blumenthal (PB)
Fatal Distractions Or How I Conquered My Addiction to Celebrities and Got a Life- Emmi Fredericks (HB)
Flirting With Forty- Jane Porter (PB)
Forget Me Knot- Sue Margolis (PB)
French Fried-Nancy Fairbanks (PB)
Friday Nights- Joanna Trollope (HB)

Getting Married- Theresa Alan (PB)
Getting Over Jack Wagner- Elise Juska (PB)
Getting Rid of Matthew- Jane Fallon (HB)
Getting Warmer- Carol Snow (PB)
Ghosts of Boyfriends Past- Carly Alexander (PB)
Girlfriends- Patrick Sanchez (PB)
Girls in Trucks- Katie Crouch (HB)
Girl's Poker Night- Jill A Davis (PB)
Goddess for Hire- Sonia Singh (PB)
Guilty Feet- Kelly Harte (PB)

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