Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog Tour Stop- The Year of the Great Seventh

Yesterday’s solution:
Cleopatra lived from 69 BC to (30) BC.
The motel were Sophie and Nate stayed in Spanish Harlem was on (1st) Avenue.

The picture of the secret location:

With the picture and the four words you should be able to decipher the secret location. The first 5 people who send an email to  with the correct solution will win a free hardcopy of The Year of the Great Seventh.

Tomorrow is the last stop of the blog tour and we will be revealing the answer.

 Blog tour schedule:

July 16, 2013               YA Book Addict
July 17, 2013               Pretty in Fiction
July 18, 2013               Reading Away the Days
July 19, 2013               Book Mark Belles
July 20, 2013               Le Vanity Victorienne
July 21, 2013               The Maniacal Bookworm
July 22, 2013               Book - Marks the Spot
July 23, 2013               Digesting the Words
July 24, 2013               Butterfly Feet Walking on Books
July 25, 2013               Book Divas
July 26, 2013               Nawanda Files
July 27, 2013               Coffee, Books and Me
July 28, 2013               The Dust Jacket
July 29, 2013               The Bookish Outsider
July 30, 2013               Just a Book Lover
            August 1, 2013           So Many Books, So Little Time
August 2, 2013           Framed In Words

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