Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Sunday Salon- April 25, 2010

The Sunday Salon

Kory's brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came down on Friday, so I spent all week cleaning the condo--yuck.  I don't think there is anything I like less than cleaning.  Then his sister and her two daughters decided to come down too, so we had 5 adults and 3 kids in two bedrooms.  It was packed.  We spent all weekend at Disney and I'm exhausted!

I finished and reviewed the following books this week:
My Own Personal Soap Opera by Libby Malin
Everlasting by Angie Frazier

I fulfilled items in the following challenges this week:
2010 100+ Reading Challenge: 49, 50
ARC Reading Challenge 2010: 34, 35
2010 Chick Lit Challenge: 7
2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge: 36
2010 Debut Author Challenge: 13
I am currently reading Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala and up next is The Sweet Life of Stella Madison by Lara M. Zeises.

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