Saturday, December 29, 2012

Book Review- Night's Edge

I just finished reading Night's Edge by Maggie Shayne, Charlaine Harris, and Barbara Hambly.

From Goodreads:

"Dancers in the Dark" by "New York Times "bestselling author Charlaine HarrisDancer Layla Rue Le May's childhood prepared her to handle just about anything, including her aloof partner, Sean McClendon, a three-hundred-year-old redheaded vampire. Even so, when she somehow acquires a stalker, Layla Rue is surprised to find that Sean is the only one she can trust....

"Her Best Enemy" by" USA TODAY "bestselling author Maggie Shayne

Kiley Brigham refuses to believe there's a ghost in her house, but when an unseen hand leaves a bloody message on her bathroom mirror, she's forced to turn to local psychic Jack McCain. As the two work to uncover a long-buried secret, Kiley finds that she's haunted not by spirits, but by thoughts of Jack....

"Someone Else's Shadow "by Locus Award-winning author Barbara Hambly

Maddie Laveau worries about her young roommate, Tessa, when she stays late to practice ballet in the old Glendower Building...and when Tessa goes missing, Maddie enlists mysterious tenant Phil Anderson to help. But is Phil the white knight she needs, or the predator she fears?

I enjoyed all three of these stories.  I initially read it because I wanted to read any books that was related to the Sookie Stackhouse series, which "Dancers in the Dark" was.  But honestly, I don't even remember how they were related.  I do remember really enjoying all the talk about the dancing, which I also enjoyed in "Someone Else's Shadow". I always find it hard to write reviews about anthologies so I'll just leave it with: this was a good one.

I gave this book a rating of 3.5/5.

This book fulfills items in the following challenges:
Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge!: Night's Edge
2012 Reading Challenge 150+: 92
2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge: 5

 *FTC Disclosure: I traded this book with a friend.

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  1. This does sound like a fun sampler. Thanks for sharing I love all of these authors.