Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Contest- Fashionably Late

S. Krishna's Books is a holding a contest to win Fashionably Late by Nadine Dajani.

To win the book, go to her site and leave a comment. Here's what's on the back cover:

Aline Hallaby has it all: a career at one of Montreal’s top accounting firms, a loving family, and a boyfriend who has finally proposed. She’s about to fly to CancĂșn with her accounting classmates to celebrate passing the Uniform Final Examination. There’s just one tiny problem: Ali failed the exam—something she hasn’t told a soul.So rather than suffer seven days in CancĂșn with her drunken-yet-successful classmates, Ali grabs her best friends and flees to Varadero Beach, Cuba.Caught up in a whirlwind of rum-soaked nights and moonlit Havana strolls, this good Muslim girl gets her first, heady taste of freedom. But will what happens in Cuba stay in Cuba? And is Ali finally ready to break out of the good-girl mold and grow into the woman she was meant to be?

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