Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thursday Thoughts- January 21, 2009

Ok, I forgot to do the Thursday's Thoughts on Thursday so I'm doing it now.

You are hosting a dinner party and shall be inviting 6 historical/famous people. Who would you invite and why?

Ok, I was going to try to put similar people together but I said, forget it! I'm putting who I want!
Here are my six people:
1.Katie Couric--growing up I wanted to be her!

2. Walt Disney- I work seasonally for Disney and would love to hear his thoughts of Disney World today.

3. Katie Holmes--I loved her before she got involved with Tom Cruise.

4.Steven Spielberg-- I love movies and would want to get an insider scoop about what he's up to next!

5. Chad Michael Murray--just because he's hot!

6. Tim Tebow--I am a HUGE Gator fan, and right now, he's the Superman of the Florida Gators!!

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