Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Sunday Salon- November 25, 2012

The Sunday Salon

It was so nice to have this week off of school and I really don't want to go back tomorrow.  4 weeks til Christmas break!  On Monday, I ran 16 miles and proceeded to hurt my knee pretty badly.  I took the rest of the week off of running, got new shoes today and tried again.  It started to bother me around mile 4 so I stopped then.  Boo!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  My hubby and I drove up to my parents house and just relaxed for a couple of days.  Thanksgiving dinner is my fav and I love the leftovers!  We did some "Black Friday" shopping on Thursday night.  At 8, we went to Walmart.  The parking lot and store was insane but the checkout lanes were only 2 groups deep.  That part went so quick.  Then we headed across the street to Target, got in line and the store opened 20 mins later.  The actual store was really busy, but not crazy.  The line to checkout was insane!  It was going up and down the aisles before the checkout lane!  We waited about an hour to check out.  Then on Friday I went to Kohls and that line was 40 mins!  Whew!  Luckily I'm used to the lines at Disney so none of this really bothered me!

I finished and reviewed the following books last week:
Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I fulfilled items in the following challenges last week:
2012 Reading Challenge 150+: 83, 84
2012 ARC Reading Challenge: 69
2012 Young Adult Reading Challenge: 72, 73
2012 Debut Author Challenge: 21
2012 Standalone Reading Challenge: 18

I am currently reading Easy by Tammara Webber and up next, if I don't get any tour books, is The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

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