Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Book Review- Best Friends Forever

I just finished reading Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner.

From the summary in the book:

Addie Downs and Valerie Adler will be best friends forever. That's what Addie believes after Valerie moves across the street when they're both nine years old. But in the wake of betrayal during their teenage years, Val is swept into the popular crowd, while mousy, sullen Addie becomes her school's scapegoat.

Flash-forward fifteen years. Valerie Adler has found a measure of fame and fortune working as the weathergirl at the local TV station. Addie Downs lives alone in her parents' house in their small hometown of Pleasant Ridge, Illinois, caring for a troubled brother and trying to meet Prince Charming on the Internet. She's just returned from Bad Date #6 when she opens her door to find her long-gone best friend standing there, a terrified look on her face and blood on the sleeve of her coat. "Something horrible has happened," Val tells Addie, "and you're the only one who can help."

Best Friends Forever is a grand, hilarious, edge-of-your-seat adventure; a story about betrayal and loyalty, family history and small-town secrets. It's about living through tragedy, finding love where you least expect it, and the ties that keep best friends together.

I was so excited when I got this ARC in the mail to review. The story was told from two different viewpoints--Addie in the first person, and Jordan in the third person. There were also flashbacks of Addie's life and Jordan's life. For some reason, I just couldn't connect with Addie. I felt sorry for her, yes, but there was just no warmth. And I couldn't connect with Val either. I did, however, really like Jordan. I loved how much he wanted a family.

This was a slight thriller--but I thought the whole police involvement was a little too much--just because a belt and some blood was found, I don't think that would normally set off such a large search. And I thought the ending with Dan was just plain weird.

I did like the ending, however, with Addie, Jordan, and Val. I won't say what because I don't want to give it away. But part of the ending, I didn't see coming and I'm glad that I didn't. It was a nice surprise and way to wrap up the story. Overall, this was a good chick-lit, beachy read.

I gave it a rating of 3/5.

Best Friends Forever is being released today!


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. I've never read anything by Jennifer Weiner before, but my Mother in law loves her work. I'll probably have to get her a copy of this, maybe she'll put me in her good graces then, lol.


  2. LUCKY DUCK! I'm a huge fan of Jennifer's. I want to review it!