Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Book Review- Mysteria Lane

I finished reading Mysteria Lane by MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Grant, Gena Showalter, and P.C. Cast last night.

From the back cover:

Centuries ago, the Demon Lord of Self-Doubt and Second Thoughts created the town of Mysteria...

Located in the picturesque mountains of Colorado, it's where the supernatural coexists with the natural. It's a town of bewitching seduction, dark magic, and sensual demons.

The ladies of Mysteria wouldn't have it any other way...

The Desdaine triplets may look like little angels, but they act more like devils. And one sister is about to get the surprise of her life...Shay, Satan's most devoted emissary, levels disaster on the world like a real pro. Now she's come to Mysteria with a hot new job, and gives grave new meaning to the term Nanny from Hell...Glory, witch of love, wants her man. Unfortunately, he barely knows she exists--until a magic pen brings her creative fantasies of seduction, sex, and delicious revenge to life...In a town of bloodsucking vampires, a vegetarian like Summer can have trouble adapting. But Colin has what it takes to change a woman's mind--not to mention her appetite...

This was a fun book of short stories by four great paranormal authors.

MaryJanice Davidson wrote Disdaining Trouble. After reading it, I still have no idea what the triplets were. And the story was only okay for me. I just didn't fall in love with it. Maybe its because Ms. Davidson's Queen Betsy series is my favorite paranormal series so I had such high hopes for the short story, but it just wasn't all that great for me.

Susan Grant wrote The Nanny from Hell. I really liked this story. I loved how Shay was a demon who wanted to fall in love. It just sits right with the romantic in me :) And I loved the baby, Damon!

Gena Showalter wrote A Tawdry Affair. I think this was my favorite story in the book. Glory was a witch who didn't quite fit into the way she thought she should look (she thought she was on the slightly heavy side) but that didn't matter to Falon. When Glory uses a magic pen to write the story of her and Falon, magic ensues. All I can say is, where can I get a magic pen??

P.C. Cast wrote It's In His Kiss. This was another fun story where I didn't know what the main character, Summer was. But I could identify with the school teacher part of the story and I really like Colin's character!

I gave this book a rating of 3/5.

This book fullfills items in the following challenges:
Paranormal 999 Challenge: Witches (can also be used as Demons, fairy, and vampire)

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