Saturday, August 8, 2009

Book Review- Real Vampire Don't Diet

I just finished reading Real Vampires Don't Diet by Gerry Bartlett.

From the back cover:

Even after four hundred years, don't be surprised if your boyfriend still manages to disappoint you...

Gloriana St. Clair, curvy, stylish, undead, is spending New Year's Eve alone. And it's all because her boyfriend, Jeremy Blade, is traipsing off to parts unkown to rescue his supposed daughter from the clutches of "dangerous radicals."

Just as Glory settles down to subject her telpathic dog, Valdez, to an evening of chick flicks, she gets a call from the bodyguard of rock star and newly turned vamp Israel "Ray" Caine. Like most guests at a New Year's party, Ray is well on his way to being drunk off his butt, despite the fact that alcohol and turned vampires don't exactly mix.

Glory speeds over to the party to save Ray from himself, and finds the rock star more depressed than drunk. To take his mind off his vamp issues, she asks him for a late-night boat ride. What kind of trouble could they possibly run into out in the middle of a lake late at night?

Would you like a list?

This was another fun book in the Real Vampires series by Gerry Bartlett. Once again it was HOT! This time there was passion not just between Glory and Blade but between her and Ray too. It was fun to add another hottie to the mix. If I were here, I'm not sure who I would choose. I liked all of the action in the story and the addition of the Siren character. And I really liked the ending (although I don't want to give it away). I look forward to reading the next book in the series, Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs, although I have to wait until February, when it comes out!

I gave this book a rating of 3.5/5

This book fullfills items in the following challenges:
What An Animal II Challenge: 3
Paranormal 999 Challenge: Shape-shifters

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