Thursday, August 20, 2009

Soon-to-be-Bookshelf Review

Ok, I am soooo excited! My boyfriend and I were just talking about how we need to get a new bookshelf because my 3 bookshelves are no longer enough and I have books everywhere. Then I got an email from CSN Office Furniture to review one of their products! How perfect! I will be reviewing the following bookshelf:

And I had a really hard time choosing! CSN Office Furniture sells everything from home office furniture to office accessories. While looking through the site, I found all sorts of stuff I would love to have like funky bookshelves, desks, lamps and even some cute kiddie bookshelves that I would love to use in my classroom!

I can't wait to receive the product and I'll post here about what I think!


  1. Enjoy! I too reviewed an awesome bookcase!

  2. Awesome! I'm waiting for my bookshelf to arrive. My parents played an awful trick on me today by telling me it was here...I ran out of my room practically at the speed of light..and of course it wasn't here! My review copy of The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks had arrived though, and thankfully for them I was overjoyed just to see that..or I could have done something

    Looking forward to your review! Although, I was wondering how you got to choose that bookshelf..I thought it was only up to $45. I chose the small black one (it'll match the ones I already own).

  3. Lucky! I want one of those :D