Thursday, August 20, 2009

Contest Winner- Prophecy of the Sisters prize packs

The winner of the Prophecy Prize Pack which includes the Prophecy playlist CD, book store gift card (to the store of your choice), bookmark, magnet, signed poster, nail polish, candy, and The Other Boleyn Girl DVD is

Shooting Stars Mag " I would be the "evil twin pretending to be the good twin." THIS WAY, the other matter how great they are...will always look like the bad one and I'll be the sweet angel. If something happens, it'll all be "who me? couldn't be!" because I'm AMAZINGLY good at being deceptive...I mean, I would be, I'm not now...nooooo"

and according to, the winner of the smaller prize pack that includes a Prophecy of the Sisters folder, a small Prophecy poster, a Prophecy bookmark, a Prophecy magnet, and Prohecy tattoos is

Kat Duncombe

Congrats to both of you! Email your address to me at belle2211 (at) yahoo (dot) com by Saturday at 6pm and I'll have your prize packs mailed out to you!


  1. YAY, I can't believe I won. Thanks, I just emailed you....forgot to mention the bookstore Borders okay??


  2. Congrats, Shooting Stars Mag! That was a REALLY great answer!

  3. Congrats to both winners! Just email me Lauren's address and I'll get her prize pack right out to her (Borders is fine!)!